persoonlijke gegevens van Siebrand Niewenhous, Niewenhaus
Siebrand Bernardus Nieuwenhuis, geboren op 5 augustus 1848 te Balk, zoon van Bernard Hendrik Nieuwenhuis, kleermaker, en Geertje Sijbrens Dooper. Overleden op 28 februari 1914 in Manhattan, New York Cityop, 65 jaar oud.
beroep: kleermaker, aannemer te New York City
aangifte geboorte op 7 augustus 1848 pagina 34 door Bernard Hendrik Nieuwenhuis kleermaker, getuigen:
Sybrandus van Kessel koperslager 49 jaar wonende te Balk
Hans Halbes Drijfhout goud- en zilversmid 44 jaar wonende te Balk
Op 1 juni 1880 getrouwd in New York met:
Elisabeth Catherine Haffen, geboren op 12 december 1856 te Morrisiana, Westchester, New York, dochter van Mathias Haffen, bierbrouwer, en Catherine Hayes. Overleden op 30 juli 1923 te Manhattan, New York City, 66 jaar oud.
1. Catherine Elisabeth, geboren op 3 april 1881 te Manhattan, New York City,
2. Elisabeth Catherine, geboren op 6 augustus 1882 te Manhattan, New York City, Overleden in 1958 te ?, 76 jaar oud.
3. August Sibrand, geboren op 25 augustus 1883 te Manhattan, New York City. Overleden op 16 juni 1978 te Larchmont, Mamaroneck Town, Westchester, New York, 94 jaar oud.
4. Mary Wendelin, geboren op ? juni 1885 te Manhattan, New York City, Overleden op ? oktober 1970, 85 jaar oud.
5. Gertrude Bernadate, geboren op ? november 1886 te Manhattan, New York City, Overleden op ? 1902 te ?
6. Siebrand Henry, geboren op 31 januari 1888 te Manhattan, New York City, Overleden op 22 december 1978 te Boynton Beach, Florida, 90 jaar oud.
7. Caroline Gertrude (Carry), geboren op 3 maart 1890 te Manhattan, New York City, Overleden op 18 april 1952 te ?, 62 jaar oud.
8. Mathias William, geboren op ? september 1891 te Manhattan, New York City, Overleden op 24 april 1979 te Houston, Texas, 87 jaar oud.
9. Henry Siebrand, geboren op 6 november 1892 te Manhattan, New York City,
10. Wilhelmina Cecilia (Minnie), geboren op 27 oktober 1895 te Manhattan, New York City, Overleden op ? augustus 1976 te New York, 80 jaar oud.

The photographer here, in 1929, is Wilhelmina Niewenhous *1895. She is youngest child of Siebrand Niewenhous *1848, the immigrant and builder in New York.  She kept up correspondence with her cousins, both Nieuwenhuis and Dooper in Friesland, at least at Christmas.  In a letter of 1952 to my grandmother, she mentioned “Angeline”, meaning Engeltjie Nieuwenhuis, whom she said is “old and in failing health…"

bron: Marjory Schwartz, New York

Sijbrand emigreerde in 1870 naar Amerika en werd aannemer in Manhattan, New York City. Op 16 oktober 1876 is hij genaturaliseerd tot American citizen.

“Siebrand Niewenhous founded his company of builders, S. Niewenhous, Inc., in Manhattan in the late 1870s. After his death in 1914, the presidency of the company was taken over by [zijn zoon] August Niewenhous. The company worked on construction projects in all five boroughs of New York, many of which were for Roman Catholic organizations. S. Niewenhous, Inc. remained in operation until 1952.”

foto 391-005 beschikbaar gesteld door Marjory Schwartz
Siebrand Nieuwenhuis en Elisabeth Haffen
bron: Leeuwarder Courant van 2 juni 1880
foto 391-006 beschikbaar gesteld door Marjory Schwartz
foto 391-004 beschikbaar gesteld door Marjory Schwartz
Siebrand Nieuwenhuis en Elisabeth Haffen
The Haffen family
Mathias Haffen was born 23 may 1814 in Bavaria. He came to America at age 18 in 1832, emigrating through the port of New York City.  According to his obituary in the New York Sun, Haffen first spent some time in North Carolina and worked in the Navy Yard.  However they may have meant the Gosport Navy Yard in Norfolk, Virginia, as North Carolina had no such facility at the time.  In 1835 he returned to New York and worked as a laborer on the Harlem Railroad.  When that job was finished Haffen moved to Newtown Creek, Long Island where he worked on a dairy farm.  In 1840 he went into the milk business for himself.
At around this time he met and married Catherine Hayes, an Irish immigrant in New York.  She was apparently not from a well-to-do family, and lacked the education to sign any more than an "X" on her petition for citizenship.  But by accounts she was Mathias's beloved, and together they had ten children, including John (born 1847) and twins Mathias and Martin (born 1849), who would grow up to inherit his father's business.
Finally in 1856, at the age of 42 Haffen established the Haffen Brewery in the Village of Morrisania (which in 1874 was absorbed into the Bronx).   He ran the firm for fifteen years, after which he turned over the management to his sons, and retired a wealthy man.
Haffen died at the age of 78, on March 10th, 1891.  His sons ran the brewery for another 23 years, then sold out to the mammoth Jacob Ruppert Company.
1856 -1871 Mathias Haffen 632/644 152nd Street & Melrose Ave
1871 -1899 J. & M. Haffen 632/644 152nd Street & Melrose Ave
1899 - 1908 J. & M. Haffen Brewing Co. 632/644 152nd Street & Melrose Ave
1908 - 1914 J. & M. Haffen Brewing Co. 386/398 East 152nd Street
The brewery was sold to Col. Jacob Ruppert in January of 1914 and was scheduled to be closed. The brewery was torn down in 1917.
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